Saturday, 7 June 2014

Judge Chico: Collecting Judge Dredd Part 5 - Perps & Muties. Plus 50k Views!

Bit of a joint post today, first is that this Blog as now hit 50k views and has 98 wonderful followers! so thank you for everyone the reads the bollocks that I churn out every few days. 

Part 5 of the collecting series, this time a selection of Muties and Perps. These will be used as the Angel Gangs extended family for the BOYL14: Judge Dread game (Seen here)

Mutie with Bazooka & Perp Gestapo Bob Harris
Muties: Jobee & Morgair
Perps: Rizlo Butty & Flinn Shaver


  1. Cool, I think the public wants or rather demands a Judge Chico figure.

    1. I'm converting one up from a JD7 Dredd and a RT Scout. There is actually a Judge Chico but hasn't had much comic time.

  2. Congratulations on your 50K views and 98 followers! :)

    Nice Perps and Muties, the range was always full of character.

    1. Thanks mate, they are going to be fun to paint:)


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