Monday, 8 September 2014

Challenge Week: Conversions! - The Results!

So Boys and Succubus so ends another Chico Challenge Week. The last for a short while as next Monday I shall start the long awaited house move and shall be without internet for a period of time.

Anyway on with the entries!

Pirates by Tartar Sauce from The Hobby Stash

Undead Pirate by Mr Goat aka Barney_Leadhead
Ashwaste Nomad by axiom of Magpie and Old Lead
Comic Style Minotaur by Simon Jones
Chaos Terminator by Tom Ray
Men at Arms/Manservant by Whiskey Priest of The Lead Pile

Hybrid Roughrider by clownshoe
Chaos Wizard by ''Stop touching me there'' Plaiecivile

This Challenge was rather hard to judge with so many interesting and well painted conversions.. But in the end I main my choice...

And the Winner is!!!

Norse Battle Standard by Andy Hoare
So I hope everyone has enjoyed the latest Chico Challenge! Heres to the next one!


  1. That standard is very impressive - nice work Andy!

  2. Every entry was fantastic!
    Well done to everyone that entered and congratulations to Andy Hoare.

    Chico... I think there is some sort of conspiracy to stop me taking part in your challenges. Every time they come around, it's quiet and I have time to take part...
    Then suddenly on the eve of the challenge my family, friends and life in general descends upon me like a bunch of ravenous beasts all wanting to take a part of me and my spare time...

    Just saying...

    Anyhoo, good luck on the move mate, hope it goes easily :)

    1. Nevermind mate, there is always Challenge number 10! heh Save a large part for me giggity!

  3. With so many great entries a massive Congratulations to the Winner!

    I enjoyed being a part of this and the timescale really forced me to complete a figure inside a week - something I have never done before.... and as this is only my fourth fully painted mini since returning to the hobby I am really enjoying the learning process and experimentation.

    Mr Goat eh? ;-)

    1. Glad you had fun and shouldn't that be ''Mr Goat, Baaaah!'' :P

  4. Many thanks to Chico and everyone else for your kind words :-) I'll be sure to enter next time as it was a great motivator to do a conversion I'd wanted to do for a while.


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