Friday, 12 September 2014

Rogue Trader 15mm: The Torg Oshkosh & ''The Hog'' APC

So in between packing and sorting though shit I've managed to get a total of 2 hours painting time but have no fear I didn't waste it.

I started work on The Torg my own home grown Merc/Bounty Hunter race, they are Half-Orcs with big ass medium tech and stolen/rewarded higher tech plasma weapons.

The Torg: On the left is ''The Hog''APC and the right is a Oshkosh (2 more Oshkosh still to paint)

Both ''The Hog'' and the Oshkosh are Matchbox toys costing me £1 each and ''The Hog'' has parts from the following conversion kit:

Conversion Kit from Plague Games on Ebay (Also he runs, AA & Ion Age)
I still can't get the hang of 15mm painting but I will stick too it plus I'm going to start looking for some cheap 15mm terrain. It's funny really, 15mm armies just peanuts yet the terrain costs are high, unlike 6mm where the terrain is dity cheap but the armies cost a bomb.


  1. Hi!

    Cracking work on the vehicles and infantry alike! The paint scheme works really well and the basing is brilliant too!

    It makes me really want to get on with some painting...

    All the best!

  2. Nice work mate, really nice conversions!!


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