Friday, 26 September 2014

Collecting Judge Dredd: Part 6 - The Collection So Far!

Sadly I still havn't got anywhere to to paint BUT I did have a chance to sort though my Citadel Judge Dredd/2000 AD collection.

As I've been collecting them since early this year and been picking up the odd few here and there and just putting them away in a box there was indeed a few surprises. Such as when did I get a Judge Hersey or 5 Lawmasters? I was also disappointed to noticed that I didn't have a couple I thought I picked up and that I have 3 of JD1 Judge Dredd... The worse sculpt in the range ugh!

Anyway here's everything I own so far;

Judges: Still missing a few including a Dread variant. Notice the JD1 Dredd painted as a Cadet as he's so small.

Angel Gang plus the Judge Child. Some of my favourites of this range.
Judge Cal and the ''Day the Law Died'' SJS Judges and a Klegg
5 Lawmasters and various riders, heh more bloody JD1 Dredds...
4 Riot Judges, one needs converting in some way
Perps and Muties plus some Citi Def
Unlisted Uglies
Ape Gang missing Don Ugly
Dark Judges, both Fear and Mortis are damaged and needing repairs
Traitor General, not a fan really buy at 99p he had to come home to Chico
So boys and goolies thats the lot, still far too many left to collect but its getting there slowly, anyone have any to trade/sell?


  1. Nice looking collection Chico - it's a pretty extensive (expensive?) range to completely collect, but you've got a nice mix of figures. No sky surfers yet though ;)

    I always thought the Paranoia range was a good match for additional perps and bots

    1. Heh yeah but I've been keeping costs down as far as I can, no BIN prices heh. Also no sky surf's yet as I hate those figures so they are low on mybuy list.

  2. Nice collection.
    My judge Fear also broke at the ankles quite early. Still got it somewhere.

    1. Thankies it's getting them slowly, long way to go yet.

  3. I thought of you (don't get excited) last week when I was at Skirmish in Sidcup. There was a trader selling old metal. I managed to nab several Rugluds orcs for £1.50 each (with crossbows). He also had a box of Judge Dredd figures (still in blisters). Skirmish is on again next March. I'd be happy to pick something up for you if I see it - just let me know what you are after nearer the time.

  4. Funny, my Fear and Mortis broke in exactly the same way. I scratchbuilt Mortis' feet when I sorted him out some years ago, and have substituted some skeleton feet for Fear's now I'm finally finishing the rest off.

  5. I'm a JD collector too.
    Check out for really neat site to check your factoids against.
    If you let me know which figs you have to trade/want I'll do the same -- maybe we can work out a deal.

    1. This is quite a old posting, the collection is more or less complete and only missing the odd Unreleased and Variant sculpt now :) but thanks for the offer.


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