Sunday, 14 September 2014

Evil Space Dorfs - WIP Greens

The talented Mr Fimm aka Geoff of Oakbound Games has sent me some WIP shots of the Evil Space Dorfs range I'm having commissioned.

You can view the concepts here:

Officers & Troopers
Gramps and Fenlock

Anyway wanna see the Greens?

Now where did I leave them.. *Mutters*

Arhh here we go!

From Geoff:

There's some tightening up to do. The weapons aren't finished, the boots need some work, there are some more cables and greeblies to add.

Well I'm rather cuffed to bits at how good they are, plans are to expand the range further and in my head and Geoffs (Gramps was all his Idea and I think it's rather tasty) at least a  few more ideas bobbing around.

Right back to house packing! Remember comments are always welcome!


  1. The boots already look better than all the ones I've been painting lately - i swear the feet of the last squat i finished look like they were squeezed in place out of a tube of toothpaste... I'm loving this project so far, keep them dorfs coming!

  2. Love them!!!!!!

    Hat doffed to you sir!!

  3. Looking great. Can't wait to see some finished and painted. :D


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