Sunday, 4 October 2015

Distractions.. Bloody Distractions.

I've kind of been distracted of late when it's come to painting/Wargaming/Bloging which is a kind of a shame, but in it's way a little break as helped me refocus on what projects I want to finish or even start (Keep reading) and what I can put aside or sell on.

So what's the plan Bananaman! 

Well.. I'm going to try my hand at um.. 10mm!

My copy of Warmaster from Ebay for £3

Two main reasons for this slight project shift aka distraction heh,

1: I'm working alot now so all my new projects will have to be time managed to be able to fit around existing projects (Chicoheim, Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers, random bits to finish off from other armies).

2: Honestly I have never gamed or really collected 10/12mm and I have done pretty much every other scale from 6mm to 72mm.

So my vision is to make a 1000pts Warmaster army but it's going to be Lord of the Ring Themed (Also something I have never done before).

Lucky that using the Mark Copplestone range makes it such a easy choice that'll also save me a few hours hunting down bits and peices like most my Oldhammer armies/forces/gangs ect.

I figure a project of this size and fitting around the other projects and spreading out the cost shouldn't take more then 3/4 months.

So far I bought the Rulebook and some Warmaster sized bases heh I'll get a ouple of packs to test out and some point this month.

So thanks for reading this and no doubt getting distracted yourself heh


  1. For mass fantasy battles I use Mayhem ( Scale-wise I plumped for 15mm (, although part of me wishes I'd gone down the 10mm route: things just look so much more epic at that scale! Whatever you decide, I'll be interested to see the results.

    1. Erm, second link should be:

    2. I'm sticking to 10mm and Warmaster as it''ll be the best chance of getting a game in :) I look at the link though cheers :)

  2. Cool. I expect to see units the size of Saurman's Uruk Hai at Eisengard! We are legion!

    1. And no... You may see a single stand or 2 of Uruks but thats about it heh :)

  3. Its a great game, one of my favourite GW titles and I don't get to play it enough. The Copplestone castings are smashing. Its a great way to get distracted and I might well join you in the future :-)


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