Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Orctober 2015 Pt.4 - Whom do you serve?

Whelp, Orctober is coming to the end and I've completed my goal of having 1k Warmaster Orcs painted (Not a legal list but as this is part of a greater whole it matters little).

While not the best paint job and painting these have been a problem with my failing eyesight (More info have been posted last year for anyone interested HERE) I have enjoyed painting these and a huge plus point is that I didn't have to hunt down the figures on trading sites but rather I could order more or less anything I wanted for a couple of current ranges.

So whats to be added? Well more Orcs/Uruks/Warg Riders to add to the numbers, plus I want some Stone Throwers and another giant (Halfway painted atm).

This also turned up on my door today bring me more Warmaster goodness.

So plenty more 10mm love to come :)

Thanks for looking!


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