Saturday, 24 October 2015

For Sale: Chaos Dwarves Batch 1

Ok boys and girls it's time for a Chico Sales post.

Money is tight and many of my projects are stalling because of it, so It's time to let some of the older loved but unused bits go to fund current ones/pay the bills to allow me to get a few extra toys.

I'm starting with batching up my Chaos Dwarves and selling them on.

This is Batch 1.

All CD's are £5 ea, UK based but can post Worldwide.

Postage extra but if buying a few I can knock a little bit of the price.

If interested you can email me at Chico 4 Life AT Gmail DOT Com or message me (Chico Danks) on Facebook (Leave a message on this post alerting me to the email/pm though).

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