Thursday, 8 October 2015

Evil Space Dorfs you say?


Yes ok it's been a little while since the last Evil Dorf update, but that sneaky chap Geoff over at Oakbound Studios (Notice the name change!) has been pushing forward despite being a rather busy chap with his new 32mm Legends of British Steampunk range and other bits!. 

Really go check them out,while not Oldhammer are rather purdy indeed.

Now those which follow Oakbound may have spotted a picture on the Oakbound FB Group (Go join it you tart!)

Those which haven't well here it is!

Now at the top you can spot the Steampunk range along the top..

But what's that on the bottom I spy!?

Yup Multi-part Evil Dorfs!

Here's a sneak peak at one

Very exciting for parts of Wave 2 to be cast and well it's 1 step closer to having a full range.

On a final note, go to Oakbound FB if you havn't already and give it a like and browse.


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