Monday, 8 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - The Aftermath Pt.1

Fecking hell that's BOYL over for another year, smaller affair this year? Yes.. quieter? Nope!

So I now find myself sitting at home on the sofa (While the Wife snores in the Bedroom) at 7am thinking damn I've got used to having a Full English cooked by the Hotel Staff I wonder if I could get away with cooking one now...

Anyhoo I'm going to break this down into 3 Parts:

1> The General Pictures
2> The Judge Dredd Game
3> Nude pictures of James Taylor... Sorry I meant the To4OG Game.

Can you spot me, winner gets a free ''Too Sweet'' if you spot me and get that reference.
Righto picture dump!!

Look for this man online, he seems to get in so many wargamers photos in 100's of event.. Bloody man whore!


Female Troll!!! More Warmonger Orcs for Da Royal Court


 Whelp that's Pt.1, hope you enjoyed the pictures if you couldn't make it in person.

Always BOYL17 Eh?


  1. Super cool. Looks like an insane amount of lead on those tables.


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