Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - Judge Dredd Judgement Day

Just a quick post to remind everyone for the 3rd year running at BOYL I will be running a Judge Dredd Game.

You can view the last 2 years below:

This years theme will be based on the ”Judgement Day” story arc but rather then focus on Mega-City 1 or Hondo City it will be set in East-Meg 2 (Which was nearly over run by Sabbat’s Zombies) and their roll in the story.

The rules will be a heavy modified version of Necromunda – all will be explained on the day.

Objective: Stop the Zombies and buy time for as long as you can.

What You Need: Nothing or if you prefer you can bring either Zombies or a gang of Perps (5 figures)

When: Saturday 6th from 10AM onward, jump in and out as you wish.

Can you bribe the Gamesmaster?: Yes, Bacon Roll please, Diet Coke or Old lead is excepted.

The gaming table and all scenery is made this year by Richard Legg a well know face in the Oldhammer (And others) scene.

I hope too see many of you over the weekend for a game, chinwag, moan & of course a beer.

Ta Ta fr now!


  1. Really looking forward to seeing this in action Saturday!

    1. Be sure to stop by and play, bring a Bacon bribe as well :D

  2. See you on Saturday, I'll bring 5 perps and a couple of beers with me.

    1. Make that a bottle of Jager and you win not just the game but my bacon filled heart! hehe

  3. Looks like a great day out :-)


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