Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - The Aftermath Pt.3: Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers

Right-o the final BOYL16 Blog post from me and this one is the conclusion to the To4OG series .

Those taking part were:

James author of Realm of Chaos 80's
Steve author of Eldritch Epistles
Paul author of The Black Castle
and Myself.

What's all this list bollocks?

Forward lads.. it's bloody cold 'ere

Hobbo Rocket hits dead on

This man is now tied up in my basement.. just sayin'

He's back, told you he gets everywhere!

So thats ya lot, thanks for looking and commenting, that is always welcome to see.

Now next years To4OG is going to be special too :D


  1. One of the best games I have played in recent times. A great bunch of blokes and some gorgeous models to boot!!! (;

    1. That's only because you haven't played in recent times ;) hehe

  2. Looks like a good game, and did on the day too.

    Great stuff.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Smashing pictures, looks like loads of fun was had :-)

  5. Looked great.

    Sunday seemed like a much more laid back affair.


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