Sunday, 28 August 2016

Evil Space Dorfs: Build-a-Dorf! (500th Blog Post!!!)

Right-o it's been a wee while but if you remember from this post:

That well Wave 2 was cast up and Geoff the mastermind and genius behind the sculpting and running of Oakbound Studio and I was sent a couple of sets of the Masters (Which I should pull my finger out and paint).

Dorfs! Build-a-Dorf!

Anyway I have some good news I'm sure you have noticed from the picture above then starting on the 31st they will be for sale.


So now along with Wave 1:

You should have the enough for a Warband of lil buggers lead by a Mini-Me!

Now lets all pester Geoff for Bikers/Trikers, Weapons/Heavy Weapons & Cyber Berserkers!!

Plus it's time the special Gramps & Fenlok got made eh?

Buy them, buy them all!

Anyway this also happens to be my 500th Blog Post, so double yay!

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Still have another 2 to paint but I have plans for them, what I really like about those is that they could easily be used to add flavour to other dwarves/squats.

    1. They do go go well with the Ramshackle Bikers :)

  2. They were designed to fit with the old plastic squats so if you wanted you could just buy heads and use them to customise your RT plastics. :)

    1. Or the plastic arms go well on these bodies, just encase you want Dorfs with laserguns! Pew Pew!



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