Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bring Out Your Lead 2016 - The Aftermath Pt.2: Judgement Day Cometh!

So part 2 of the aftermath of BOYL16... The Judge Dredd: Judgement Day game.

If you missed anything then check out Pt.1 and JD details below:

Anyway enough of the link dropping, it's time for some photos..

Are you ready kids?

''Aye Aye Chico''

I can't here you!

''Aye Aye Chico!''

Zombies spot some tasty tasty Perpsi Sodas

Defend the GW store, many many virgins hide inside defending themselves with red wippy sticks

Zombies + Perps = Dinner time

Even Zombies don't like McChico's

Arhhhh killer hand!

More Blood, More Zombies™

Well those are my pictures, I'm sure other have better. But at the end of the game 7 Judges and 4 Perps, 1 Citi-Def (Who's almost jumped to his death) escaped as the doors closed.

Thanks to everyone who played and a special thanks to Richard Klegg who built the wonderful gaming board.


  1. Gutted I missed out on playing this!

  2. Great fun game. I was the sov judges, who were some artfully painted foundry ex-citadel releases from last year. Game became very tense as we realised just how fast and tough the zombies were. Liked the variable zombie move speed and the way hits knocked them back.


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