Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dad's Army - Section 1 Complete

So as you may remember from one of the previous  Blog posts:

 That I'm painting up a force of Wargame Foundry's WW2 Home Guard *Cough* Dad's Army *Cough*.

Well while enjoyable little sculpts are taking longer then expected to paint up plus I'm still getting distracted by my Germans (Who just had 2 Foundry MMG teams painted and are waiting for a Kubelwagen to get undercoated).

Anyway I have completed the first 8 men section.

Corporal W/ Tommy Gun
Lance Corporal W/ Rifle
4 Privates W/ Rifle
2 Private W/ Lewis Gun

I'm sure I've read somewhere that Home Guard Regiment's  were all variable in size so rather then 10 man Sections I've gone for 8.

I've all decided they are from late 1942 so somewhat equipped and armed so every Section has either a Lewis Gun or BAR.

The 2nd Section is the same set up as above but rather then a Lewis Gun has a BAR.

What I am sad about though is the lack of suitable Home Guard support figures out there. Though a company called Stronghold used to do bits a pieces like a Smith Gun & Blacker Bombard, but alas they have gone the way of the Dodo.

So if anyone has anything suitable for sale/trade then give me a bell.


  1. Love them Chico, they really look the business :-)

    1. Heh business eh? Not bad for a bunch of Butchers, Fishmongers and Bankers :)


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