Monday, 16 April 2018

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.7

So welcome once again to my humble Blog and this time it's a continuation of my Bolt Action Nationalist Northern Chinese.

With Salute over and finding myself buying some Reiver Castings Chinese I dug out the 25 or so Copplestone and Pulp Miniatures Chinese that still needed some paint loving and thought I'd better get them cracked out before I start the Reiver stuff.

For those interested the rest of the painted force can by seen here: Chinese Painted Pt.6 (Army Shot).

A few changes have been made since Pt.6, I changed helmet colours and few repaints/tidying up.

Anyway first up to get painted:

A unit of Mounted KMT and a fat Officer.

''Get in meh belly''

All figures are Copplestone Casting's from their BoB range (Note the BoB range will soon be going up in price so buy your toys now), despite the fact I hate painting horses I didn't find painting these that bad.

These are winter equipped, that's right a fur hat is all you need right?

Still better than what the Levy/Bandits get.. some of those are half naked 😆

Up being next is some Pulp Miniatures ''Notorious Warlord Chun King'' pack, but not Chun himself as he's seems to be AWOL for now... I'm blaming the cats/wife/vacuum cleaner.

I also couldn't resist starting the Reiver Castings figures, feck me they are rough sculpts and I think if they weren't so cheap I wouldn't have bother with them.. Oh well eh?

Well that's you lot for now, as always comments welcome.


  1. I love those sculpts. Almost enough to help me choose Chinese as my future 4th army. Almost.

    Good work mate. How many points-worth is that now?

    1. Aye Copplestone does good work, I'd wish he'd get round to expanding the range but I'll doubt that'll ever happen. You should do Chinese mate and go Communist so you can double your use of your Soviet toys. Points wise I'm guessing around 1250, which ain't bad for an early war force which doesn't have heavy armour.. just don't ask me how many points my Germans are hehe.


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