Monday, 9 April 2018

Bolt Action: Battle Report - 33rd Waffen SS ''Charlemagne'' Vs British Airborne

Mission: Top Secret (Get the Berlin defence plans from the ruined Tiger 1E).

Forces: 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne supported by Hitler Youth and Volkssturm Vs The British 3rd Airbourne and supporting British elements.

Welcome boys and girls to another Battle Report, it's been a wee while but hopefully these report will make up for the fact.

So anyway I was lucky enough to get to be the first to play on my friends new gaming table.

Isn't it purty??

The mission we rolled ended up being Top Secret, the mission where there is a objective where you have to go and take and run off with it.

In this case we used a ruined Tiger 1E tank which to use as the objective (It contained the plans for the Defence of Berlin).

The German forces, Green troops and Veterans. All that's left of the glorious German forces

Some of the British force, they also had 3-4 more units including Armour that's not seen here.

Volkssturm and Tiger 1E push forward while a Party Officer is watching.

Small unit of Waffen SS taking cover

British firebase is forming to counter punch.

The Big Cat makes his presence felt, taking out a Sherman.

Hitler Youth about to take the Objective, while supported by Waffen SS

Airborne charge the Waffen SS, but Fanatics don't die easy and both Squads get wiped out

The HY run away with the plans, run run!

Brave Airborne assualt the Tiger 1E annnddd... no damage muhaha.
 The game ended that with 6 turned played and the 7th turn happening on a 4+ and of course I roll a low and not getting another turn.

1 more turn and my Hitler Youth would have ran off the board with the Objective and winning the game.. so boooo!

As it happened it was a draw, still good fun game and an amazing board, what better way to spend your Monday afternoon.

As always comments welcome


  1. Smashing looking game Chico, bad luck with the non escaping "Youth" :-)

    1. Thanks, a good looking board added tons of fun to the game. As for the HY.. they have small legs and couldn't run fast enough ;) lol

  2. Fun stuff to follow mate!

    That sherman looks a bit... lacking something?

    1. Tracks, rear section and a paint job lol It was being 3D printed as I was there and he wanted to try one :)

  3. Nice AAR and a great table. Thanks for sharing.


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