Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Bushido: Savage Wave Pt.1

Welcome boys and girls, it's seem the combination of warm weather and the Salute trip is fully juiced up my hobby mojo (I call him Tim, Tim the Mojo).

This morning in the space of 2 hours I cracked out my first ever Bushido mini and tried out a new paint/technique as well.

Anyway enough babble here's some pictures:

The skin is painted in Greenstuffs World colorshift paint, the idea is that when you move the figure or view it from another angle it changes the hue/colour.

This is one of the more subtle of the paints which just changes the amount of red and highlights and shades itself with the light.

The base I wasn't sure about, my go to bases tend to be snow/frozen as its easy and looks for the most part rather good.

This time I wanted to try out the Tufts I was given at Salute by Games & Gears so went for a brown rocky/mountain theme which didn't turn out too bad with the green tufts.

Well that's your lot for today, just a quick post to show you I'm not just an old grognard stuck in his ways and that I like trying new stuff.. Giggity!

Comments welcome


  1. Interesting paint effect. I like it though - fits well for other-dimensional demon things.

    1. Yeah it'll look good on Sci-fi Robots/Drones like the new Gates Drone army :)


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