Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Bolt Action: Defence of Berlin German Force

So regular readers know that I love my WW2 gaming in the form of Bolt Action by Warlord Games.

For me it's the perfect blend of historic forces and freedom to not worry too much about historically correct forces and rivet counting. While some people love making 100% correct forces right down to the correct camo underwear, it just isn't for me.

With this in mind I tend to build my Bolt Action forces within a loose theme such as a Late War Winter German Wehrmacht rather than say a rather more specific theatre, Regiment or month/year. 

But this time I've gone for a tad more specific for my latest force, a ''Defence of Berlin'' army, a rag tag bunch of 33rd Waffen SS, Hitler Youth and old men, police, firemen and rear echelon Heer.

You can see thsi force in action from the Battle Report I did a few weeks ago:

The 33rd Waffen SS Platoon with Flamethrower support

The Defenders: Party Officer, Hitler Youth & Volkssturm
Hitler Youth: Mostly Warlord Games and a couple from Offensive Miniatures

Volkssturm:  A mix of Old men, wounded Heer, Police & Firemen
 I have to say my favourites to paint so far are the Volkssturm from Offensive Miniatures while smaller than Warlord Games and more on par with the Perry's they still are nicely detailed with great faces.

Still have 9 more Volkssturm to finish a mix of various companies.

3D Printed Tiger 1E

Close up of the Waffen SS in Gasmasks with some unusual weapons

Warlord Games Charlemagne Waffen SS Squad
 While my camo is not perfect I quite like the look and from tabletop height does the trick (I hope).

Hitler Youth close up, tend to not do much in game but I still like them.
That's ya lot for now, next Blog post should be back to Bushido and hopefully a Battle Report or 2 to come.

Ta Ta!


  1. Replies
    1. No set lists, it gets changed up everytime it's used depending on my mood and points level played.

  2. My mate just bought the Last Levy set for his Kraut collection. So much fun stuff in there. If his end up looking as good as yours, then he's going to end up with a sweet result.

    1. Mind are just basic but the Last Levy set was great fun to paint up, as was the Offensive range too. In fact I just ordered some more a Hitler Youth MMG team :)


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