Saturday, 14 April 2018

Salute '18 Da Loot!

Welcome readers, as you may know when I come back from Wargaming shows I like to do a loot post so Ta Da!

First of all I'd like to thank Paul aka Golgfag1 for the ticket and driving me, without him I wouldn't have gone. Second everyone I spoke to and met up with, I have had a blast talking to everyone and some I haven't seen for 15 odd years..

Now too Da Loot!

The above brushes and tufts by Games and Gears were given to me. It turns out the owner was someone I worked with back in GW Watford in 2002 and he has since gone on too form the company.

Honestly up until now I've never heard of them, but looking at their stuff online it's all rather high end hobby supplies aka the stuff I wish I could afford. Looking at the prices online shocked me, that 3 brush set is £30 alone which has to be the most expensive brushes I own. 

Top result (Please note my painting will still be shit lol)

So yeah umm... I caved in and bought a Bushido Set.. ahem ok moving on.. 😈

I also bought some of these Reiver Castings Chinese to go with my Copplestone and Pulp Miniatures.

Casting isn't great but £1,25 a figure is anazing

This was a spur of the moment buy, a Colorshift paint which gives a rainbow/oil effect when you view it at different angles. Will be trying this on demonskin for my Savage Wave Oni.

Last of all some cheap brushes, the irony is that I just bought before getting given the master set. Still very good workhorse brushes for base layering which I'd thought I'd try instead of my usual Rosemary and Co Sable blend.

That's the lot this time, not massive amount but plenty to keep me busy for a solid month or more (Plus already a rather big lead pile including Slaaneshi Demons, Waffen SS, Volkssturm, Skaven).

Thanks for looking and Ta Ta for now!


  1. No problem Chico, glad you enjoyed the day and came away with a considerable amount of kit. We must arrange a game one Wednesday night sometime soon.

    1. Indeed mate, let me know when you fancy something and what game systems you play and we can go from there.

  2. Nice haul there mate! Did you stop by the Osprey stand; I think they were promoting my new game; Outremer Faith and Blood

    1. I did see you book there actually, didn't buy one though as I've long since sold off my Crusade stuff :-/


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