Friday, 6 September 2013

Genestealer Cult Obsession

Over the last 18 Months I've gotta rather obsessed with my Genestealer Cult an have been buying them whenever i had the chance. I even won 2 Warhammer World Invasion Events and a Best Army Award and Watford Store Army of the Month. So anyway i didn't quite realise the amount I bought until today as I made a list of everything I own for them.

2 Genestealer Patriarchs (Running)
7 Magi
12 Genestealer Familiars (2 used on Magi bases)
24 Metal Hybrids (5 Used for Heavy Weapon Teams)
37 Plastic Hybrids (15 Used for Heavy Weapon Teams)
4 Metal Purestrains
13 Plastic Purestrains
Bits to make 5 Hybrid Rough Riders on Bikes (Only 1 made)
1 Tyranid Hunter Slayer
1 Tyranid Squig
Forgeworld Superheavy Malcador
Forgeworld Thunderer Tanks
Leman Russ Exterminator
2 Scout Sentinals

I'm guessing I've collected about 60% of what i want so far (With 90% of that painted), so here's to many more years of collecting them. Not to mention more awards :)


  1. Genestealer obsession is a perfcetly understandable obsession. Please tell me how you managed to collect such a great force with your lady not killing you or even worse : shutting your paypal account. ;D
    Great to see and congrats for the prizes.

    1. Trading on various forums have netted me alot of them, also shopping smart on Ebay either buying the wrongly listed or Job Lots. Having 4/5 set auto searchs as well helps to pick them up and not miss a chance. Check out my 2 Buying on the Cheap articles on here for mroe info :)


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