Monday, 9 September 2013

On the Cheap - Part 3


Its been a short while since I've done a ''On the Cheap'' post so its high time will set that straight.

In Part 1 we looked at Junk/Job Lots on Ebay and in Part 2 we looked at misspelt and mislabelled lots.

Now in Part 3 we look at how to use that Evil bit of Social Media known as Facebook (Or Bookface to me)

Facebook while full of useless Apps/Games/Pictures of Cats can and does have many uses to a Oldhammer Head like myself.

I happen to use 3 Facebook Trading Groups:

I've had many a bargain here as have a few other Oldhammerers I've pointed that way (You are welcome btw heh)

Another useful Facebook Group is of course the The Oldhammer Community ran by Og of Realm of Chaos 80's  

Until next time, keep those brushes moving :)

- Chico

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