Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Woooo 5000 Hits and 33 ''Minions''

Hey lads,

Just a quick post but I'd just like to point out I've hit 5000 hits and now have 33 '' Minions'' following Oldhammer on a Budget and I'd like to thank everybody who views/comments/promotes my Blog.

Here's too another 5000 hits and another 33 Minions!

- Chico


  1. Congrats mate !

    Just a few steps away from the 1000000 landmark (just how on earth is this possible?)
    Glad you revived this blog.

    1. Thanks i'll settle for 10,000 as my next goal lol

    2. When you make a give-away event to celebrate the 10k, don't forget to have a look at my WANT list to choose the rights gifts :D.

    3. Na when it hits 10k its like a Birthday, everyone gives me gifts :P


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