Thursday, 12 September 2013

TRIPODS! The board game

So a bit of promoting for a friend never goes amiss eh? So anyway Mr Fimm from Games Orkshop Blog has released/started his new Indiegogo campaign for his new stunning looking Boardgame called Tripods!

A bit of fluff/information:

It's the last years of the 19th century and London is under attack from outer space.

The population panics.

Tidings of Martian war machines and devastation spread throughout the city.

Newspaper sellers cry their headlines even as they flee the oncoming carnage.

Carriages are fought over in a bid to escape the crush of the narrow streets and as railway workers valiantly strive to convey people to safety the helpless mass of humanity turn on each other in a frantic bid to avoid destruction...

Tripods! is a narrative strategy game, with the overriding story pre-determined but the timing of events so flexible that no two games are ever identical. During the game 2-4 players compete to have the most Survival points by the time the Martians are overcome. Points are gained for escaping, surviving and killing Tripods with the help of Her Majesty's Army, but as the game goes on and alien foliage spreads throughout the city external help begins to fade away, leaving players fighting each other for the last remaining spaces of refuge. Watch your friends betray and backstab each other as the Tripods gaze on!

So go support his Indiegogo kickstarter already!

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  1. Since it popped up at the bottom of your blog.... now on general release! :)


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