Thursday, 19 September 2013

GLOGG Battle: Treachery at Legbreaker Ridge Or The Disturbed Slumber - Part 1

The Disturbed Slumber

The Rotten Prince awoke to the sound of the Liche's high pitched and frantic chanting, angered to have his slumber disturbed by his erstwhile ally he set about finding the cause of his Liche's increasing frantic activity.

Upon exiting the Norse Dwarfen Crypt, he could taste the scent of Greenskin upon the horizon and knew at once what had provoked the Liche as he too could feel the Greenskin Shaman at the back of his skull pounding like a hammer.

At once he ordered the battle lines to be drawn, out of what could be summoned from their half sleep.

So deployment was a simple one for me, staying in the story I've deployed around the crypt with Sir Boney the Black and his Rotten Winged Lancers on the far right to crush anything in his path. 

On the left was the Skull Chucker and 2 blocks of Skeletons backed up by a Plaque Cart.

Turn 1.

The Greenskin had the first turn dew to keeping in with the story/background, so they surged forward with only the Trolls wandering off and a few arrows were fired in anger at rival Mobs.

Zogdrek overwhelmed The Prince in a display of pure magic power from Gork or Mork (Also known as the Chuckle Brothers). That Shaman sure is a sneaky Git and one to watch out for methinks.

Sir Boney spurred his Winged Lancers forward eager to to end the suffering of life for the mortals ahead of him

The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is DEATH

The Skull Chucker fired his first and only on target shot during the game, killing 8 Goblins.. Worth 80pts? Um ask me after another few games.

The Kossars with Crossbows and Bows after receiving 2 loses just before fired on the Goblins and killing 2, this is the some total of what they done the whole game other then killing a few Fanatics in the next turn.

My first turn ended with me splintering the leg of the The Leerin’ Moon Shaman, little did i know how this would help with the story :)

Part 2 to follow:

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