Friday, 21 March 2014

Asgard Miniatures

Asgard Miniatures was founded by Bryan Ansell in 1976. Ansell had previously designed the Conquest Age of Joman range which therefore explains the certain similarities which exist between one or two figures of the Conquest range and the Asgard range.

Asgard went out of business somewhere in the early to mid 1980's. The Viking Forge ended up with the rights in the US for a good portion of the 25mm fantasy ranges and continues to produce them to this day. In the UK, Tabletop Games acquired all of the Asgard assets and continued to produce much of them until around the mid 2000's when Tabletop itself was acquired by Alternative Armies. Alternative Armies has brought some of the old Asgard figures back into production.

Many sculptors started their career with Asgard and later moved on to Citadel or other manufacturers in the Nottingham leadbelt. Examples are: Bryan Ansell, Jes Goodwin and Nick Bibby.

The full ranges were:

Monstrous Beasties (FM)
Personalities (F)
Barbarians and Chaotics (FB)
Dwarves (FD)
Elves (FE)
Fantasy Females (FW)
Goblins (FG)
Dragons (SD)
Tookers (FT)
Miscellany (X/Z)Trimotes (T/S)
Science Fiction (SF)
Inscrutable Orts (SF)
Mandiblex (TM)
Robots (X)
Vikings (V)
Medievals (M)
Gunfighters (W) Monsters (FM)
Barbarian Personalities (BP))
Dungeon Adventurers (DA)
Dwarves (DW)
Orcs (OR)
Creatures of Chaos (CC)
Dragon Lizards (D)
Large Sadistic Demons (LSD)
Dungeon Equipment (DE)
Space Marines
The Giant
The Dragon

Spooktalker from has a rather interesting article and has taken pictures of the full Orc range.

Are you a fan?Me.. I quite like some stuff but others are real clunkers. But none the less the miniature world will be poorer off without them.


  1. But oh...their dwarfs rocked! Still some of my favourite models.

    1. Some are good looking others... well no so much.

  2. The Orcs are great... Forget your modern prejudices and embrace imagination from a time when that was more important. HArken ye to a time before the standard template 'grinning green buffoon' era when an orc looked like it really meant business. The Asgard Orcs look as they should - varied tribes and castes all coming together to do evil.

  3. Hi, Just to set the record straight there were three founder members.


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