Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Night Stalkers Warband: LatD Warband

Looks like theirs another first for me today, I've rolled up a Chaos Warband using LatD. I did fudge my Champion a little and choose a Female Human rather then a random roll on the chart though, who cares though what matters is I'm going to enjoy making every second of this project.

So my rolls:

Zanna: Champion of Malal - Human Female level 15
Heavy Armour, shield, Mark of Malal (Undivided)
Chaos Gift: 64-69 Strength +3
526-535 Irrational Hatred

As already stated I choose my race/gender & level, thats because I already had Kalee from Hasslefree to use. Perfect don't you think?

39-41 Chaos Warrior
4-5 Chaos Marauder
Mark of Malal (Undivided)
846-850 Spits Acid
476-480 Horrible Steench
Chaos Gift: Chaos Armour

Up next turned out to be a Chaos Warrior with the stats of a Marauder. He got Chaos Armour from his Undivided Mark and both a Strange smell and a bad spitting problem.

92-93 Troll
221-215 Breaths Fire
261-270 Cloud of Flies

Ohhh I rolled a Troll! Crap! now I've got to paint one *Grumbles* Hmmm time to use my Reaper Bones Troll I had shitting around for awhile!

54-60 - 2d4 Brigands (7)
Brigand Hero Level 5

Yay humans, this gave me an excuse to spend some money at Forlorn Hope games and buy a bunch of Barbarians. I was planning on getting some anyway. Not bad 8 (Including the Chaos Warrior) cost me £12 with free shipping.


  1. Nice idea, I think we should seriously try to build a reward table for Malal's followers and things of the sort, just to give th e5th od the place he deserves y'know.

    1. Well volunteered Mr Ass :) heh

    2. No prob', I'll start a thread on the forum with my own ideas and we'll see if we can come up with something satisfying.

  2. Kalee's always a perfect start. ;)


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