Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ork Week: Part 1

So it's day 2 of the first ever Chico run Ork Week in the Oldhammer cyberspace. So what have you been up too?

Me I've finished my first 2 toys, a Plasma Buggy and Sleazy Rider!

If you fancy joining in then post here or the Oldhammer forum Ork Week


  1. Looking good :)
    I would love to get together a large vehicle pool of the older models, I think they would look awesome.

    I've just posted my Day 01 on my blog: Here.

    If all goes well my Day 02 should be going up tonight, or I may have to start to follow a morning after approach :)

    1. Wonderful mate, I'll check out your Blog Post in just a sec. Working on 2 bikes atm, just letting the washes dry :). Morning after is always good, always enjoy a good blog read with breakfast/lunch.

  2. Always loved that Sleazy Rider!

    Could do with some War Buggies myself, but in 6mm...

    1. Hehehe heard you like it bigger then 6mm bud ;)


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