Monday, 10 March 2014

Ral Partha Europe

Ral Parthe Europe was established in 2000 to manufacture and supply classic Battletech and Ral Partha Fantasy miniatures to mail order and trade customers throughout Europe and the Commonwealth.

They relocated in 2010 to our new, larger factory premises and shortly after relaunched our mail order service as RPE Miniatures & Games (it's easier to type!). They have  since added new ranges such as 'DSA- Das Schwarze Auge' and recently acquired 'Demonworld 15mm'

Nearly all the miniatures listed on this site are in production and manufactured  in Liverpool by the lumbering cave Trolls that are Martyn and Paul.

Now I have to admit until today I never really have a great look at the RPE site except for a brief look for Goblin Aid awhile back preferring to use suppliers which sold Ral Partha products such as Second City Games.

But today I spent a nice hour or so going though everything and there are some real golden products to be found.

Sadrak Whassoi Orc Marshall

While RPE has a number of ranges including Demonworld and Blighthaven, it's the Chaos Imperial faction from their own RPF range has my interest along with their Barbarian Clan.

Heavy Beastmen
War Monks
Reaver Tyrants
So as you can see some really nice range of figures and at a reasonable sum. What do you think? and whats you favourite Ral Partha sculpt?


  1. Loving those beastmen - think I'll give up trawling for pre slotta Broo at daft prices on Ebay and spend some money on these fellas.Cool post.

    1. There's 15 different Beastman sculpts and I think they are Bob Olley's work too :) Ordered a few myself so can't wait till they turn up :)


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