Sunday, 23 March 2014

I declare this coming week, Ork Week!

So the last few months I've painted nothing 40k, and I've got the bug to paint some once again (Typical it's during another project but on well)

So I send out an open challenge to my Blog readers (Or anyone else for that matter) to join me in Ork Week, the goal is simply paint some Orks.. any Orks and any era.. but just have fun doing so.

My personal challenge for this week is this,

 Finish painting my Blood Axe Cult of speed:

Nob Biker - Finished
Sleazy Rider -Painted 5/6 years ago, will have a repaint
5 Warbikes - 2 Finished
3 Buggys - 1 Almost finished (Just need a gunner painted)
1 Wartrak - Finished, but needs re-basing
1 Skorcha - Unpainted

So will accept the challenge? Wat are ya? 'Ummie or ORK!


  1. Ha, seems we're all at it.
    I only commented on another blog last night that I'd been buying some older Ork miniatures to work on for fun and nostalgia.

    Orks were my first army that I started as 2nd edition 40k was released. I still have a massive soft spot for them. :)

    Challenge accepted. After I post this I'm going to start stripping some of my latest acquisitions.

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