Saturday, 29 March 2014

Ork Week: Part 4 & Ebay Listings

Arrhhh, So more then half way though Ork Week and how are you doing on this challenge?

Me I have now finished my 3rd and final Ork Buggy and have finished the Kult of Speed. I'm I going to stop there? Ummm no! Next will either be some Grots to finished of the Herd or maybe Squig Katapult or 2.

Last Ork Buggy finished

Also I have a few Undead and Genestealer Cult bits listed on Ebay to help may the nasty TV Ariel bill.


Genestealer Cult
Undead Nightmare Legion
Undead Lot 1
Undead Lot 2

I will ship international but its not listed as saying so.

Thanks for looking,

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