Sunday, 6 September 2015

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.10 Ruined Buildings No.2 & 3 WIP

So I had the builders round..

No wait it was just me fecking around with more of the Warlord plastic ruined building kits.

Chicoheim™ is growing.

The kits are great fun plus cheap but they do have some problems with the hard plastic warping (I'm guessing it's when they are removed from the moulds) plus it'll be nice to have a few more roof and 2nd floor levels.

With the addition of many a bits box delve to had details the kit does start to come to life, but again I tried to keep it playable and not over crowded.

Building 2 is just a simple ruined storehouse/shack but still has plenty of room to stand inside on the lollypop stick platform.

Also a good note to those of you looking for Fantasy ruins, Renedra have started making cheap ruins for Frostgrave.

They have 5 sprues in total with the first 2 being added to the store a few days ago.

With next months budget I'll get a few methinks.

Anyway thanks for looking!


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