Monday, 14 September 2015

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers - Pt.3 - Tales of the Dragon Kings

So what's all this about I hear you proclaim!?!

Well as we all know by now I'm taking part in the Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers and I'm building up a Hobgoblin force (Or you should do, or why would you be hear).

Now do to the force being a Allied List they never had many options and they are rather a pain to get from Ebay and various trade sites/forums/pages.

So I started looking elsewhere for options and after seeing this POST by the Oldhammer favourite Goblin Lee about a Chaos Nippon force which uses Black Hat Miniatures Tales of the Dragon Kings range and thought with the odd weapon swap or head chop they'll add some flavour quite nicely.

I feel the most handy of the range is their Temple Lion Riders, which will make for great Hero mounted Temple Dogs.

Not sure if I'm going to replace the riders or do a simple headswap. I'll make that call when they arrive as I made a small order to test the waters so to speak.

The Chaos Queens Guard would make for great Hobyar's (Elite Hobgoblins) if need but I'm using Throgg's ladz for that role so I'll give these a miss for now.

The Chaos Wizard has to be one of my favourites and well make a rather nice Demonologist Shaman (He also made my first order along with a Temple Lion).

This Chaos Ogre would also fit the part, but at £7 (I'm on a very tight budget for this project) I would have to have good reason to include one rather then a impulse buy.

How about a Fast Cav option, yep Dragon Horse riders, at £4 each they would be a fine addition. Downside is only 2 rider options and they look solid piece casts.

So while they are other options I'll let you hunt them out for yourselves, and remember to check out the following:

Paul's The Black Hole

Thanks for looking!


  1. I'm a huge fan of this range Chico, and own many of the ones you've posted. I think you'll be mightily impressed with Temple Lion rider and with the quality of the casting - very crisp. I'm looking forward to seeing you paint up these beauties - though somewhat nervous as I'm sure it'll encourage me to pull mine out and rush them to the front of my lengthy painting queue ;-)

    1. I'm hoping they'll fit well, but anything to help you paint more fan figures is always good in my books :)

    2. You fiendish fiend, Chico :-)


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