Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers - Pt.2 The first 100pts

Well as you no doubt know from this POST that myself along with James, Paul & Steve are doing the Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers.

For my force I went with Hobgoblins, sadly the list in Warhammer Armies happens to just be a allied list so I have 6 options total to choose from (General, Battle Standard, Shaman, Hobgoblins, Elite Hobgoblins and Hobhounds).

Now feck that for limited choice, even at 1000pts that'll be a dull ol' force to say the least.

So I need to expand my options, so flicking though the 3rd Ed rulebook (After asking where the rules were from a fellow To4G) I saw the rules and points cost for the Rocket Launcher (50pts) so adding the cost of 3 Hobgoblin crew it comes to 65pts.. 


So that's 65pts sorted, so that leaves 35pts for the rest.. hmmm best start on my first unit of Mourngul Renegades then.

So 5 Renegades with Light Armour and Standard comes too 40pts, 5 points over this months allowance but it's all gravy :) 

I've also had a rough think of what I'd like in my force:

General and Battle Standard
Assassin (Using the 3rd Rulebook to make one)
2 x 20 Mourngul Renegades
10 Mourngul Renegades W/ Bows
20 Hobyars
Rocket Launcher

Of course I'd also like to make movement trays for the units as for me that adds to the eye candy.

Next months 100pts will see me adding to the first Mourngul unit and maybe some Hobhounds. Hopefully Ebay and the trade forums I'll be able to pick up the missing Hobgoblins I need over the next few months.

Anyway thanks for looking and be sure to check out the following:


  1. Hobgoblins is such a great choice. They may not have a great list, but they've got some of the best (and most under-appreciated and under-used) minis... they all look very John Blanchian to me. Wonderful fanged faces, nice poses, nice Asian accents. Your force is going to look amazing!

    1. Sadly the minis are quite sort after (The C36 ones mostly) so I'm quite lucky to have a large lot already, still I'm finding it hard to get certain ones I'm wanting :(


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