Friday, 18 September 2015

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers - Pt.4 - Cavalcade Greenskins

So following on from the last To4OG post about Tales of the Dragon Kings range by Blackhat I kept looking for more alternatives supplement my Citadel Hobgoblins.

And I came upon Cavalcade Wargames Armies of the East owned and run by Forlorn Hope Games which long time readers of OoaB should know that I'm a massive fan off mostly because they stock the wonderful Ex-Grenadier range.

So what goodies do they have to offer?

Samurai Greenskins

What could be better then Samurai Orcs?

Samurai Trolls!

While I realise that Citadel Hobgoblins aren't really Samurai in style they do in part borrow alot of their style from a large number of Eastern countries.

Plus I figured Hobbos would have a large number of separate clans which meld together into loose groups when acting as Mercs plus they will no doubt scavenge what they can from whoever they can.

Now these were sculpted by Bob Olley for his Olleys Armies range before being sold on so have such great charm.

Well worth checking out this range and the other Eastern flavoured races (Dwarves, Minotaurs, Ogres) if your looking for that kinda thing.

Next post should be a interesting one so keep ya eyes peeled.



  1. "Next post should be a interesting one..." - All of your postings are thoroughly entertaining Chico, so I'm hoping for something extra special in the next one now ;-) I've not heard of "Forlorn Hope" before, but as you say, anyone selling the old "Grenadier" sculpts have to be worthy of a visit and some pocket money :-)

    1. Next To4OG post I meant would be more interesting as it will show some more painted Hobbos rather then me hunting form minis (Which I now have 90% of what I need), As for FLH they have great service, free postage and nice low prices.

  2. Chico getting all those hobgobbos done in time = forlorn hope!! (:

    1. Na, I'll have mine done by the 6th month mark with ease let alone the 10months we'll been given heh. 100pts a month is nothing for me really :)


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