Friday, 16 May 2014

6mm Terrain

So me and my Wife are looking to move in the coming months and I've been promised I an have a gaming table! (Much bribes were used in this process).

It's part of the reason my basing have become more uniform so they'll match my table :)

Anyway with the Oldhammer Weekend coming up and I have a few Epic games planned so to kill 2 Frenchies (Looking at you Mr Ass ;) ) with 1 stone I'm making/buying some 6mm terrain pieces.

These have been ordered from Demonscape and are a reasonable prices, I plan to mount this on hard plastic ''movement trays'' for ease of setting up.

I also have 4 Buildings from the SMV2 box set which one have been painted.

Anyone recommend any 6mm terrain?


  1. When he gets going.

    1. Thanks, I'll have a little looksie :)


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