Thursday, 29 May 2014

Judge Chico: Collecting Judge Dredd Part 3 - Angel Gang Part 1

So part 3 of the collecting series continues, this time It's 3 members of the Angel Gang. The other Gang members will be in the next post.

I think I love the Angel gang most out of everyone in or related to 2000AD/Judge Dredd, but it's a hard call which Angel I like the most.

Mean Machine Angel
When he was young, he was gentle, nice and utterly unlike his viciously criminal family. Pa Angel was not pleased by this, and kidnapped a surgeon from nearby Texas City to operate on him, making him the crazed cyborg he is now.

He has a mechanical right arm and a steel dome over his skull with a dial on the front. This dial has four settings; from 1, where he's surly and disagreeable, all the way up to 4, which is when he is fully berserk. His favorite attack is a head-butt.

 He died during the Judge Child saga, but was brought back from the grave by the Judge Child to seek revenge on Judge Dredd. At the end of his return, he was captured by the Mega-City One judges and imprisoned. While there have been escapes and attempts to cure him, he is currently incarcerated in Iso-Cube 666 (which holds the most dangerous foes Dredd has gone up against and subsequently captured, such as Stan Lee and the Dark Judges) in Mega-City One.

Technically the only member of the Angel Gang left, in a recent break-out Mean Machine has discovered that he has a son from his brief relationship with Sadie Suggs. His son is exactly like Mean Machine was during his childhood; good, kind, gentle and sweet. As well as working on his own, Mean Machine occasionally teams up with other crooks, such as Judge Death (in Judgement on Gotham). He is also occasionally "loaned out" to the Judges for missions. One of his most unusual missions was when he was part of "The Three Amigos"; Himself, Judge Dredd and Judge Death.

Fink Angel & Ratty
 Fink Angel was the eldest son of Elmer 'Pa' Angel of the Angel gang. Unlike the rest of his family Fink was a loner and disliked the company of others, including his own Parents and siblings, preferring instead to live in a hole in the ground than actually spending any time amongst his own kin. As a result of his preference for being alone Fink left his family's homestead as a young man and wandered deep into the cursed earth, where he would spend his time moving from hole to hole. He made a living by robbing and murdering unwary travellers as they passed by, his prefered way of killing was to poison his victims using a lethal range of powerful toxins. As a result of his time spent alone in the irradiated wilderness of the cursed earth, his body and mind became warped over time as he degenerated into a vile creature less than human. Whilst living in the cursed earth, Fink came across a mutated rat which at first he resolved to eat, however after discovering that the creature in fact liked him, he adopted the rat as his companion. He named the creature 'Ratty,' with the rodent being his first and only friend.

A number of years later. Fink found out that Judge Dredd had wiped out the rest of his family. Although he never loved his Father and siblings, he felt duty bound to avenge his kin and set off with Ratty to Mega-City One to murder anyone involved in the deaths of the rest of his relatives. Upon reaching Mega-City One, He successfully managed to track down and murder Judge pilot Larter: one of Dredd's companions from the misson that resulted in the death of Fink's family. He paralysed Larter using one of his poisons, before feeding him to hungry sewer rats which ate him alive. After killing Larter, he managed to abduct Judge Hershey and attempted to kill her by processing her at a nutrient recycling facility but was thwarted by Dredd before he could carry out his plan. After defeating Fink, Dredd took him into custody and sentenced him to life in an iso-cube. Fink's rodent companion Ratty however managed to escape justice and spent some time afterwards living comfortably in the shadows of the nutrient recycling facilty, feasting on the corpses that were processed there.

Junior Angel
Youngest and smartest of the boys, who wears a derby hat. He is the closest of them all to their sociopathic father.


  1. I'm generally easy-going and rub along with most people. I also like to think I can have an adult discussion on most controversial topics without causing undue offence, but when I do have an altercation with someone, I like to go up to 4 on them.

    1. Heh I've been known to get stuck on 4 1/2 after a few too many pints, and when I meet a certain somebody aka Troll/shit demon from a certain forum.. I'm going 4 1/2 on him heh!

    2. Got a feeling we'll not be introduced to them any time soon, just one of many ghost accounts for an online trader methinks. Google the name for some fun wikipedia knowledge though, not sure if you'll remember the show Monkey on Channel Four back in the day?

    3. That's a real shame it's on my Bucket list ;), I know of the show Monkey but never watched more then a couple, It was a bit silly for my tastes with riding on flying clouds.

    4. It was bonkers but with only four channels to choose from after school it got a look in from time to time. Damon Albarn wrote an opera about it or something weird like that. He must have lapped it up as a kid. Anyway, Pigsy's Chinese name is why I mention it.

    5. Aye I googled the name when you suggested it, rather fitting online moniker really.speaking of 4 channels remember when Channel 5 launched? That was a big deal for me as I never had sky or sat TV till I was 22 heh (Also had dial up til that point as well lol)


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