Friday, 9 May 2014

Epic Orks; Badmoons Stompas and Battlewagons Support Cards

Wow in a weeks time this Blog will be 1 year old and as it stands nearly 45k views.. anyway more about that later then week.

Today I bring you more shit pictures of my latest Epic Orks (With conversions, sadly not from me).

Badmoon Stompers
Badmoon Battlewagons
This brings my total Orks painted to the following:

Evil Suns Clan Card - Complete
Blood Axe Clan Card - 3 Nobz Stands complete
Badmoon Madboyz Support Card - Complete
Snakebite Squiggoths Support Card - Complete
Badmoon Stomper Mob Support Card - Complete
Badmoon Dread Mob Support Card - Complete
Badmoon Battlewagons Support Card - Complete

Long way to go yet for the Oldhammer Weekend, but should be none in time!

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