Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Challenge: The Wild Card - Selene aka Kate Beckinsale

So for my first Wild Card entry I've chosen a rather sexy lady Vampire!

After centuries of militaristic discipline, having served as a Death Dealer of the Vampire Clan, Selene had long-since developed a near-impervious, stoic external demeanour. Selene is not known for a sense of humor, and is actually one of the most honest Vampires in the franchise. She is also something of an idealist, believing in certain ideals as justice. Although a Vampire for six centuries, Selene only really willingly interacted with other Death Dealers, and has never fit in with her own kind (most of whom are too absorbed in their own pursuits of self-gratification). Unlike them, Selene has never forgotten why she became a Vampire, and that they are at war with the Lycans, which leads her to consider them layabouts and dead-weight, and as such cares little for what they all think of her.

Painted by Kevin Dallimore

The figure is from Copplestone Castings and is a WH1 Girl Werewolf Hunter *Cough* Not-Selene *Cough*

So after all that I better show my own painted lady, now I have a problem and it's made me want to get some more Death Dealers and Lycans.. Whoever made these Challenges need to be shot making me paint stuff and want new toys! Bad man!


  1. Looking good! Is there a particular game system that you'd consider using her (and some lycans) in?

    1. Many thanks. My go too Skirmish game is Combat Zone or Necromunda. Either should fit quite well after a little think


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