Saturday, 3 May 2014

It's that time again... and the new Challenge is!?

Yep that's right this Challenge Week is The Wild Card! So what does that mean I here you ask? Well the rules are simple:

1. Choose a handful of figures in your collection that's either been waiting to be painted for awhile or you are looking for any excuse to paint them. In fact this is the Wild Card you an paint pretty much anything this week.

2. All pictures can be uploaded to users own Blog, Oldhammer FB Group and the Oldhammer Forum as and when you fancy.

3.There is no prize as normal, this is there to motivate you to get painting and enjoy the hobby

So there we go, you have the Weekend to get preparing and as it's the most open and inconclusive Challenge Week yet you have no excuse not to join.


  1. missed out on the big guy one, hope to get in on this... bunch of odd things I could do for this =)

    1. Good good, I look forward to seeing your toys :D

    2. I know you didn't mean it literally,,, but thanks to my friend visiting for a few days, actual toy pics on blog too...

  2. Replies
    1. That's what the bishop said to the nun! ;)


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