Monday, 26 May 2014

Judge Chico: Collecting Judge Dredd Part 1

So in the last week I've gone a little Judge Dredd crazy, in part to cheer myself up. I've been on the hunt for the Citadel Judge Dredd/2000 AD range and I've managed to hunt down 14 of the little figures so far.

Of course my favourite Judge has to be Judge Chico who first appeared in Land Race, I will be converting him using a Dredd and a RT Space Marine Scout :)

Anyway this post I'm going to show off some of my favourites I've got so far and just have a good ol' ramble on about whatever takes my fancy. We'll start with a few of the misunderstood Judge :)

SJS Judge Slocum
SJS Judge Slocum served Judge Cal during his brief reign of terror. He killed Deputy Chief Judge Fish on Dredd's orders. His role in Fish's death went undetected, but he was later executed for inadvertently calling Cal "crazy," then a capital offence. He was paralysed and then pickled alive in a giant vat of vinegar

Judge Cal was head of the Special Judicial Squad (SJS), the feared Internal Affairs unit of judges responsible for weeding out corruption in the Mega-City One Justice Department. However he exploited this position to blackmail errant judges into working for him as assassins, instead of arresting them, as he built up his powerbase and prepared to seize control of the city. He was known to be ambitious and hoping for the chief judge's office by 2099, and almost seized his chance when Chief Judge Goodman was briefly possessed by a mutant.

He became deputy chief judge of Mega-City One in the year 2100, after the death of the previous deputy Fodder. Chief Judge Goodman was unaware of Cal's corruption but still did not like his deputy: initially he felt Cal took himself too seriously and then later, when Cal said he wouldn't have bothered with a trial if he was chief, told him "then thank drokk you're not Chief Judge"

Dark Judge Fire
Judge Fire is immersed head-to-toe in ethereal flame. He wears no helmet, and instead has a human skull for a head. He wields a flame-spewing trident. He earned the name "Judge Fire" when he was still alive, after he burned down a school for violating noise regulations.


  1. Hi Chico, may I draw your attention to White Dwarf 78 probably the best Dredd issue ever, the heavy metal section blew us anyway as teenagers and we promptly built our own Mega City One, muties and all, great post, I have tons of JD figs and lots of doubles... just got to find them :D

    1. Thanks Jason, I have that issue somewhere and I'll have a good ol' look though it, Lots of doubled eh? Marry me? heh


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