Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chico's Top Ten Miniatures: Part 1

Image stolen from axiom

Now I'm jumping on the Top 10 miniature Blog post band wagon started by Magpie and Old Lead. Which he himself ''borrowed'' from a FB post :D

It's not really a surpise that while I love old Citadel a large % of my list will be Alternative Companies.

In no real order:

Oldhammer Goblin
The Oldhammer Goblin by the master Himself, this will be pride of my Greenskins

Hasslefree Kalee
Whats not to love about this figure? Boobs and Malal...Oh dear sticky undies!

Heartbreaker Orc Shaman 
Another Kev Adams scultp I just love it and can't wait to get cracking on it. Now sold by Ral Partha Europe.

A Grenadier Barbarian now sold by a number of companies 
I love this figure dew to his size and helmet, a joy to paint and great muscle detail.

Onslaught 6mm Terrain Hybrids
So of the most detailed 6mm I have ever owned, top notch if a little pricy


  1. You love a figure 'due to its size and helmet'? Oh dear Chico, you have finally sold your soul to Slannesh!

    1. Finally? It was sold at age 11 hehehehe.

  2. What a nice selection, like Orlygg though I'm worried about that line..........................


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