Monday, 21 July 2014

Supporting the little guys.. No not my balls..

Say 'Ello to my little friends..

Oldhammer eh? It accepts all sorts of weridos (Yes I'm looking at you!) and either directly involved or in sideline of the subconscious it has helped to either grow or inspire a number of of small miniature companies.

A number has failed like my own part-owner company Affinity Miniatures, BUT! A number has grown and become wonderful things.

So this post is all about promoting 2 of the best:

First up is Oakbound Miniatures owned and run by a rather nice member of the Oldhammer Community.

Oakbound Games strives to revive the golden (umm, leaden!) era of roleplaying miniatures with a range of quirky and fun figures in 28mm scale for The Woods, Factious Waste and any other system you care to use. Hark back to those heady (umm, leady!) days where the experience and the story were what counted and the rules were there to serve the fluff.

Oakbound Miniatures are hand-sculpted and cast in lead pewter in the UK. We keep a small quantity of miniatures in stock and can usually dispatch out of stock items within six weeks of order. If you need your miniatures sooner please contact us to check availability and we will do our best to make sure you get your order as quickly as possible. Unless otherwise stated, all miniatures are supplied without weaponry, which is available separately. MDF hexagonal bases are included for figures from The Woods. We plan to issue a range of accessories for these figures in the near future but the miniatures are designed to fit with items by most 28-32mm manufacturers. If you are resident outside of the UK please contact us for shipping costs before buying.

Up next is Bolt Thrower Miniatures a rather interesting new take on a Old School theme. They have also run a number of competitions (Which I even won one of them)

The aim of Bolt Thrower is to produce miniatures that can't be found elsewhere, I've no interest in producing another version of a mini that forty-seven other miniature companies already do. 
One type of model which I think is under represented as a whole are females. There are some out there it is true, but these tend to be fourteen-year-old boys' visions of what a woman should be, big cleavage and woefully inadequate armour. I wanted to produce some women that look like they could give your average orc a run for his money.

Now boys and girls there are indeed others out there, remember this Blog post? Space Minotaur, Demon Rape Lizard and Space Fishman

One of my dreams is too have my own miniature line, I failed once but I won't give up and it makes me even more willing and happy to support the little guys do good!.

- Chico

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