Friday, 25 July 2014

Chico's Top Ten Miniatures: Part 2

Time for part 2, guess I better show some Citadel goodies or I'll get lynched or at least brutally sodomised by a Imperator Titan! and a Ham Sandwich!

Actually I love plenty of Citadel goodies so its not that bad really lol

Judge Dredd Fink Angel
Arhhh Fink Angel my kinda chap.. hiding down holes and poisoning people.

Dark Elf Mace Girl
One of the first Dark Elves I re-owned , such a great little pose and sculpt 

Chaos Squat
Big Daddy Cool
He is the Big Daddy Cool, I'd love to own one.. soon my friends.. soon!

Sleazy Rider
Such a great little LE, if you don't own one.. why the fuck not!?!

So that ends my 10, I can easy choose another 10 or 50 and not even think twice.. I love this hobby :)

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  1. It is pretty hard to narrow it down a bit isn't it?


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