Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Epic Scenery Done!

Well ok.... maybe not, I still have an order from Daemonscape yet to arrive containing ruins/rubble, more Orky shacks and a couple of large Warehouses. But I'm not sure if they will even get here before BOYL let along painted in time for my Epic games (I'm both running a few on the Saturday and playing in a large one on the Sunday)

Quite happy with how they turned out and I'm glad I based them on plastic sheeting for ease of use even if it was annoying and I ended up getting sand everywhere (Including on the Cat)

My Ork settlement, I will add to it (In fact that's the order I'm waiting for) a fecking bugger to paint as it's all fiddly bits and odds and sods.

Imperial buildings/warehouses, nothing special but they are fun little buildings.

Orka-Cola Factory and Imperial Hanger, they trucks were free gifts I'm always grateful for so had to use them.

I will need more of these in time as it breaks up the battlefield quite well, when I moved house I'm allowed a gaming table so I'll need plenty of scenery :)

Total cost spent of that little lot including postage is £40, so far from cheap (My chosen format is cheap heh) but well worth it.


  1. Looking good Chico! The ork settlement looks just the about adding some naughty grots running around?

    1. Heh adding to it eh? Maybe in the future... atm it's lucky it didn't get thrown out the window lol


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