Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dead Man's Hand: The James-Younger Gang, Cole & Jim Younger

The progress continues on the DHM, these will be the last for the moment as I need to finished off my Epic and Judge Dredd for BOYL14. I'm tempted to get my Cult of the Children done for it too but we'll see.

Jim & Cole Younger
Thomas Coleman "Cole" Younger (January 15, 1844 – March 21, 1916) was an American Confederate Bushwacker during the American Civil War and later a leader with the James-Younger gang. He was the eldest brother of Jim, John and Bob Younger.

During the American Civil War, savage guerrilla warfare wracked Missouri. Younger fought as a guerrilla under William Clarke Quantrill. The fighting in Missouri during the Civil War was largely between pro-Union and pro-Confederate Missourians, though the bushwhackers held special hatred for the Union troops from Kansas who frequently crossed the border and earned a reputation for ruthlessness. Younger joined the Confederate guerrilla leader Quantrill in a raid on August 21, 1863, taking part in the killing of some 200 men and boys at Lawrence, Kansas, which the guerrillas looted and burned.

Younger later claimed he left the bushwhacker ranks to enlist in the Confederate Army, and was sent to California on a recruiting mission. He returned after the Southern defeat to find Missouri under the rule of a militant faction of Unionists, the Radicals, who soon took over the regular Republican Party in the state. In the closing days of the war, the Radicals pushed through a new state constitution that barred Confederate sympathizers from voting, serving on juries, holding public office, preaching the gospel, or carrying out any number of public roles. The constitution also freed the slaves ahead of the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It enacted a number of reforms, but the restrictions on former Confederates created disunity.

James Hardin "Jim" Younger (January 15, 1848 – October 19, 1902) was a notable American outlaw and member of the James-Younger gang. He was the brother of Cole, John and Bob Younger.

Born in Missouri on January 15, 1848. He was the ninth of fourteen children born to Henry Washington Younger and Bersheba Leighton Fristoe. Jim Younger joined the Confederate Army during the American Civil War with his brother Cole, eventually joining Quantrill's Raiders in 1864. Jim was later captured by Union troops in the same ambush that resulted in William Quantrill's death. Jim was imprisoned until the end of the war.

Frank James, Jim Younger, Cole Younger, Jesse James


  1. Lots of good stuff going on Chico. I really like the variety.

    1. thanks its good to mix things up to keep it fresh

  2. Have you played Dead Man's Hand? If so, what's it like?

    1. Yeah I played around 20-30 games now with various gangs and against pretty much all 11 gangs types (3 in WI included) Love it and well worth playing.


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