Saturday, 5 July 2014

GLOGG: Greater London Gits & Gamers Mk2?

So It's been awhile since I promoted GLOGG in any real way but it seems as the Oldhammer movement is growing it might be worth giving it another crack.

The problem I found when starting this well over a year ago is that South Herts and surrounding areas were/is a Oldhammer black spot.

Having said that it wasn't all bad with 2 GLOGG games being run and documented:

The Disturbed Slumber Fluff
The Disturbed Slumber Part 1
The Disturbed Slumber Part 2
Battle of Big Knot Pit

Anyway with BOYL14 around the corner it maybe time to give it a second crack so if anyone interested contact myself on here the forum or FB group.

Here's the details about are meet ups:

We are part of the Watford Wargames Federation games Club.

We meet every Wednesday at 6pm at the following location:

Saint Thomas,
Langley Rd
WD17 4PN

Tables & Scenery are provided, refreshment an be bought & first visit is free. Club membership is £1 for every month of the year remaining & and £4 per week for members £5 for Non-members.

Most games played there are modern games, but everything is welcome to be played (Hence why I run GLOGG for that location).

Cheers for looking!


  1. Sorry I fell off the GLOGG radar, all that old lead doesn't pay for itself, so back to work it was for me. I'm spending most of the year down under, so I can't make it to BOYL2 either unfortunately. Shame I don't get to witness the Rise of the Four Armed Cult!

    1. Not too worry, real life has a habit of getting in the way of hobby time. At least you get to go down under which is a boon no doubt. As for the Cult they are making there way up to BOYL14 in 6mm form as I'm having to coach it up and have limited space.


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