Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cult of the Children in 6mm?

So regular readers of OoaB will know I have a rather massive C....ult :). Genestealer Cult that is, The self proclaimed Cult of the Children (Background can be viewed HERE)

Some of my many, many Hybrids :)

So what's the point of this post? Well I've kinda been a bad boy and caved in  and started yet another project.. This time it's another Epic force and it's going to be my Cult :)

So no official 'Stealer Cult (Other then the plastic monopose 'Stealers) so I'm looking elsewhere and look what goodies Papa Chico found!

The Legion:
The Legion are a new threat among the stars, and they pose an incredible danger to anyone within their reach. Consisting of countless individual races, genetically integrated and engineered by the "Founders" into a deadly mass of flesh and metal, the horde that is the Legion travel the void, forcibly merging any race they encounter into their own.

The Legion are a race made by Onslaught Miniatures, alittle bit 'Nid like eh? Well check this pictures out:

When Terran Hybrids are encountered in large numbers, they are often lead by an exceptionally rare and powerful construct known simply as a Prime by Terran forces. Hybrid Primes appear almost human, though most still feature some tell-tale signs of their Legion lineage, such as three fingered hands, misshapen heads, and oddly colored skin.

Primes act as a conduit for the Legion's will on the battlefield. Like the Legion Founders themselves, they appear to be psychically sensitive, leading many to theorize that Hybrid Primes contain within their biological make-up Founder genetic material. The possibility that the Founders may eventually create constructs that could pass as human beings armed with powerful psychic abilities is a terrifying prospect.

Terran Hybrids were created by The Legion, originally for diplomatic interactions with the Terran Empire. Unlike most of the Legion's biological warrior constructs, the Terran Hybrids have thus far proven to be an unstable strain, mixing the genetic traits of Humans and Legion constructs in unpredictable ways.
Terran Hybrids are slightly larger than normal humans, have a hunched posture, and feature many Legion traits such as three-fingered hands and additional limbs ending in crab-like pincers.
While not as adept in close quarters fighting as other Legion constructs, Terran Hybrids are quite cunning, and can operate with little supervision on the battlefield. The utter revulsion and fear these creatures cause in human forces is an advantage the Legion makes full use of when fighting the Terran Empire.

Now don't they sound rather 'Stealer Cult like? Yup I agree, they also have 2 other Hybrid packs (Abominations & Heavy Weapons) and a 'Stealer like pack to boot :)

Rather handy they also have a UK stockist Steel Crown Productions the makers of Exodus Wars (Another great 6mm range).

So to start with I bought 1 of each of the 4 packs so giving me 100 of the 6mm buggers, quite expensive at just under £6 a pack but look worth the cost.

Still need to work out what to use for Limos and other bits and pieces but I'm rather looking forward to starting another 6mm force (Won't be done for BOYL14 though) and I plan them fit along side my Orks and Terrain so same basing scheme.

So whatcha think?


  1. They don't "sound rather like", they scream "IP RAPE" actually !
    Well, that said, if GW is not using its own material, there's no reason players should stop have fun.
    I don't know if th prices are right but these genestealers look the business, nice find Chico !

    1. Well screaming rape is quite suitable for Hybrids no doubt heh, As for IP I don't know but according to the owner the way it's set up with their own game and everything is a way around it. Plus GW don't care about 6mm now really. If I was a rich man I'd own so much of the toys on that site

  2. Those 6mm hybrids have been doing the rounds for several years - if I recall correctly, they started as a fan project on the Epic forums. IP issues aside, they're very nice figures. I look forward to seeing the results :)

    1. Aye they came out in Feb '13 via a member of the TC forums, which he then grew to the whole Onslaught range. I never notied them before now though dew to the fact I was only really bothering with my Orks for Epic, but as I started building aload of ''human'' like scenery i needed some locals lol :)

    2. See - you remember better than me. Feb '13 eh?! There were a lot of nice epic customs produced on TC before they cracked down on it. I had some lovely epic Eldar scenery at one point

    3. Still quite alot of nice forumware going around on there but it's done via shapeways so bloody expensive and can be rather rough. Quite alot of new 6mm companies around now though, as I'm still quite new to 6mm it feels like drowning in a sea of goodness lol

  3. Quite a find. Get painting. I want to see how they look all based up and ready to go.

    1. Won't be started for alittle while, far too much Epic left to finish for BOYL14.. then theres the Judge Dredd to finish off too hehe


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