Thursday, 12 March 2015

Blood Bowl: On any given Wednesday

Last night at Watford Wargaming Federation the Blood Bowl League kicked off, sadly dew to prior commitments or down right slacky a number of people failed to show but I'll let that slide because I'm awesome in that way :)

Gotta love the Pink Block dice eh?

I didn't take too many pictures as I was far too busy bashing a Norse team in the face but we had 3 tables set up and ready for the roar of the Grid Iron.

So my game of the night was against Tom and his Norse ''The Frost Biters''... Well despite a first half score from Tom his team suffered the ''Chico-Bash'' a tactic that a Chaos team with 4 str4 players and a str5 big excels at. 2 of Toms players lay dead.. yep dead and 3rd was seriously injured and gained a niggle.. Um ouch. I didn't have it all my own way as he killed one of my Beastmen, so much for me being able to afford a Apoth after game one as that wiped out my 30k stash and winnings replacing him :(

End result 1 -1 and the Real Perverts gaining 16spp and lvling a Beastmen which gained Sure Hands.

As yes Tom wiped his team and rebooted.. much to my enjoyment of course.

I didn't get a second game in this week dew to having to leave early and cook dinner for the Wife, but Tom had another game as it wasn't his day as he faced a Orc Team ''Bob's Bull Orcs'' which fielded 4 Black Orc Blockers and 4 Blitzers.. Guess what? yep Tom had another player killed a Werewolf.. Ha!  Bloody Norse there armour is paper thin.


  1. Great start, hope it continues to flourish

    How many active coaches do you have currently?

    1. 6 Coachs with 1 or 2 umming and erring to play or not, so if 4 coachs a week including myself turn up I'll be happy :)

  2. Good luck with the favourite game with my favourite format. I just hope your league is long enough to get some nice skills...those Chaos teams are slow starters!

    1. Thanks, aye it's a hard start with Chaos no doubt... I miss the Block skill already heh


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