Sunday, 15 March 2015

Necromunda: Pit Slaves Pt.3

Necromunda is full blown go at Castle Chico with terrain and gangs being painted/prepped/glued and chopped. Looking like I'll have a full Necromunda table done within months at this rate.

Anyway while I'm waiting for a supply drop to continue the terrain prep I got a few more Pit Slaves converted and painted.

Very happy with how these are turning out and by far mu favourite I've painted in a very long while.

The full painted gang so far, with only 4 more left to finish but If I can I'd like to buy/trade for a few more extras for when the gang grows in future campaigns. 

Below are the WIP ones including Ratskin and Cyber Doggie called BoB (Big Ol' Bastard)

Anyway enjoy an feel free to comment :)


  1. LOVING the variety and individual nature of each figure.

    That is going to be a cracking looking warband when it's finished

  2. Very nice progress matey, maybe have to have a Necromunda bash at a future BOYL!

    1. Aye after you got the whole baby-snickit thing down and sorted :)


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